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MISFIT X-Con Pig Skateboard (minor cosmetic Blem)

MISFIT X-Con Pig Skateboard (minor cosmetic Blem)

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Assorted colors; Deck may be White OR Blue colorway as seen in pictures.  NOTE: These decks are PERFECT quality wood.  The decks have some minor printing irregularities, like poor fades, small color dots, minor scratches, tiny drips or register errors and interesting variations.  Many of these are highly collectible but considered irregular graphics.  

  • Deck Color: white or blue dip

  • Bottom Graphic: X-Con graphic

  • Top Graphic: Brand-X logo

  • Mold: 80s mild concave

  • Shape: classic 10” x 30” Pig shape

  • Dimensions: 30" x 10"

  • Hole Pattern: old and new

  • Wheel Well: all four

  • Edges: Flat (no route)

  • Material: 7-ply, Hardrock Canadian Maple Wood

  • Hand-done, 80s style screen-printed graphics

  • Decks designed, pressed, printed, finished and shipped from Southern California, USA