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Riot Stick RED Deck 10"x30.25" HAND PAINTED

Riot Stick RED Deck 10"x30.25" HAND PAINTED

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Brand-X Riot Stick on the original 1985 DedHed Shape.  A match made in heaven!!

PLEASE NOTE: The hand painting on each deck is different colors and fades  you are choosing a deck color, not a specific graphic color  

  • Deck Shape: DedHed 1985 SideCut
  • Mold: Spoon-Nose Mild Concave
  • Dimensions: 10" x 32"; Wheelbase: 15.5”
  • Hole Pattern: old and new 
  • Wheel Well: none
  • Edges: Top and Bottom route
  • Material: 7-ply, Hardrock Canadian Maple
  • Amazing, Hand-done, screen-printed graphics (every deck is a unique work of art and slightly different)
  • Decks designed, pressed, printed, finished and shipped from SoCal, USA