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Our History

Brand-X, Toxic & High Energy - Part of the Fabric of Skateboard History

Founded in the early 1970s by Dorsey Truitt, Atlantic Skates was the world’s first skateboard distributor and supplier.  In 1981, Atlantic Skates expanded into manufacturing for Kryptonics with the High Energy Skateboards line.  Next, in 1986, Dorsey purchased Brand-X Skateboards from Bernie Tostenson, who had originally started the company in 1983.  Then, in 1988, Dorsey created Toxic Skates as a spin-off of the demo skate group, Team Toxic created by Norm Hamilton.

Under Dorsey’s leadership and with the global manufacturing and distribution power of Atlantic Skates; Toxic, Brand-X and High Energy become major, global brands, and Atlantic Skates remained the largest skateboarding products distributor on the planet, well into the 1990s. 

Almost 30 years later, Dorsey’s son, Patrick brought back Brand-X, Toxic and High Energy under his company, Brand-X-Toxic Distribution.  Together with his partner, Amy, they are revitalizing these much-loved global brands, using the only the highest quality, USA-made products, personalized customer service, and a true love for the industry and skateboarders worldwide.

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